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*Open Sky Expeditions offers photographic tours to a dozen destinations on all seven continents, but we've highlighted the destinations from which many of my photos were captured. Scroll down for a link to all of our 2021-22 trips!


Moroccan Bedouin


Love Language


Theyyam Performer


Deadvlei Sunrise


Other destinations include: FALKLANDS/SOUTH GEORGIA NORWAY | BHUTAN | CHILE | SICILY | and more...

OSE_300_transparent white letters.png

To see all of our upcoming photo trips, please click here


I first met Alex Ros—founder and owner of Open Sky Expeditions—when he hired me into the travel industry 16 years ago. For several years we worked together at the same company, programming and operating small-ship, luxury cruises for the alumni travel programs of our country's most elite universities and national organizations. They are a demanding clientele that expect excellence in all aspects of tour operation. It was vital training for us. 

Alex eventually left and started Open Sky Expeditions, focusing on photographic travel both as a business and a passion. Noting my professional skill set and personal interest, Alex asked me to go with him to Morocco as co-tour manager in 2014 and I have been designing and operating trips for and with Open Sky ever since. It's been a pleasure to work with a company that values meticulous planning, seamless operation, a congenial group feeling, and stunning photographic opportunities. 

Temu (left) and Alex returning to Antarctica in 2019.


People say we look like brothers.

Temu thinks this is a compliment. Alex has no comment.


"You guys are simply the BEST. Thank you for an amazing, one-of- a-kind, never-to-be-forgotten, awesome, experience." – Sally S

“Travel companies make itineraries and reservations. Open Sky makes magic! Thanks for a FANTASTIC trip!” - Carol T

"Temu was born to be a tour leader! He was a pleasure to travel with & did everything he possibly could to smooth the way for us. His communication skills are top notch. I look forward to taking another trip with him in the future, because I know we'll be in good hands." – Wendy M.

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