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  • Improve your photography in multiple areas (landscape, night sky, portrait, etc.)

  • Explore unusual, less-frequently visited countries and regions!

  • Learn from a professional photographer/instructor in a small-group setting

  • Relax and enjoy while a professional photographic tour manager (Temu) runs the tour

  • Explore the destination with a cultural guide as well as your photographic instructor

  • A photography-curated itinerary developed specifically for photographers

  • Maximum group size of 12 travelers

  • Varying skill and equipment levels, from smart phone to DLSR

OSE_300_transparent white letters.png
Model Shoot in Namibia
Street Instruction in Morocco
Tasting Local Goods in Namibia
Sunset in the Sahara
Atop the Dunes in Namibia
Chasing the Aurora...a roadside snack in Norway
Crematorium in Varanasi
Shooting the Aurora in Norway
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