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My passion for photography grew in tandem with my love for travel, so I'm incredibly fortunate that my career sits at the intersection of both. For the last 15 years, I have worked in the educational and photographic travel business, planning and running tours all over the world. My career has taken me to more than 80 countries, all seven continents, and turbo-boosted my love of photography. From wildlife to landscapes to photojournalism to cultural photography, traveling encompasses and encourages them all. 

When I am not traveling, my passion is astrophotography, from basic night scapes to star trails to deep space imaging. I shoot with everything from stock cameras and lenses in my backyard to computer-controlled, observatory-class telescopes at a remote site in California.  My love of the night sky and all it's wonders never ceases, and I feel privileged to be able to image them. 

Should you be interested in booking me for a presentation, please note that I do not charge for my travel presentations,  and additionally, I will present on astrophotography for free if a travel presentation is also booked. Two FREE presentations!

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